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MY ART JOURNEY - Robert Kurtz

I had an interest in art at an early age and received some recognition and awards, with one of my paintings going to Japan as part of a cultural exchange..  One opportunity as an elementary school student was an invitation to participate in Saturday morning classes at the Toledo Art Museum in Ohio.  After class I would wander around the museum looking at paintings and ancient artifacts.  I was fascinated by it.  As I got older I just dabbled around when a drawing or poster needed to be made, and it wasn't until my mid-twenties that I tried my first oil painting.  I made up a scene in my mind and painted away. The result was horrible.  I would like to blame it on the cheap brushes and paint, but realistically I needed instruction and coaching.

I didn't try oil painting again until my mid-forties and this time I found a teacher.  "Smitty" worked out of a garage and had his students finish a painting in a couple of hours.  I got hooked on being able to create something on canvas.  Then while at some friends' house in Saratoga, CA I saw a beautiful painting on their living room wall that looked like it came out of the Smithsonian Museum.  I asked where they got it and they said it was painted by Stefan Baumann who had been the lady's teacher.  I tracked him down and immediately starting going to his classes.  He helped me a lot in learning how to paint and I was happy with the results right away.  As I let other time commitments steal away my painting and instruction time, it became a secondary hobby with me, only doing one or two paintings a year.

I wish now that I had gone to Stefan's classes more consistently and taken learning art more seriously.   Finally after moving to the Sacramento, CA area and having more time, I found some local classes taught by Kirk Miller.  He spent a lot of time going over art basics that I had either not paid attention to or had forgotten.  His instruction along with my newfound interest in learning has helped me a lot.  Also, while on vacation with friends in Hawaii, I learned some watercolor techniques from my very talented friend Terry Standefer.  Now I paint in oil, acrylic, and watercolor depending on the subject matter and the look I am trying to accomplish.   I have also attended various outdoor and indoor workshops and give recognition to the many very talented artists all around me.

I have donated many pieces of my work to fundraising events for various humanitarian causes, with a good portion of those going to help Bridging The Gap Africa.  Helping these causes through my work has been my greatest art reward.